About the Journal

Serial type: Journal

Format: Electronic version

ISSN 2747-5646 (Online)

Web site: https://jssal.com

Editor: Dr. Seyat Polat, Ph.D. (Editor-in-Chief)

Frequency: Half-yearly (June and December)

Start year: 2021.

The DOI prefix:

     - Allotted for JSSAL is 10.20375

Content-type: Academic/Scholarly

Language: English

Key features: Abstracted and Indexed, Refereed, Double-Blind Peer-reviewed.

Status: Active

Keywords: social sciences, language, sociology, education, technology, communication -culture, curriculum & instruction, philosophy.

Publisher: Nürnberg, Germany: Dr. Seyat Polat


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

Editorial Description: 

The Journal of Research in Social Sciences and Language (JSSAL) is a high-quality, open-access, peer-reviewed international journal published semi-annually. JSSAL provides a platform for researchers, academics, professionals, and practitioners to communicate and share knowledge in the form of empirical and theoretical research articles, pilot studies, position papers, and reviews (scoping/systematic reviews, meta-analysis, meta-synthesis, and book reviews).

Scope and Focus of the Journal of Research in Social Sciences and Language (JSSAL):

Within the social sciences, JSSAL focuses on teaching and learning in schools, society, higher education, and vocational training, using empirical research methods such as quantitative, qualitative, mixed, and Q methods.

It provides a forum for high-quality research on topics that explore language and language teaching, second and foreign language learning, and teaching at all levels from kindergarten to university.